12 September 2013

Ayomi Shanika got a opertunity to treat the patients as a doctor

Ayomi  Shanika is a wonderful character because of her abilities in varies fields. Now she got the opportunity to make her service as a government doctor. Her convocation was held Last month. She was very glad after having the degree because her target to be a doctor was on her mind even she was in the child hood. Being a doctor is not an easy task because in order to go through the exams also very difficult. But Shanika was strong enough to manage her mind to be a doctor while she was doing other activities. These days she is not working in a hospital because she had just registered as a doctor. She is willing to work any hospital when she got the appointment. She said that these days many people are having high blood pressure; diabetics and Gastritis. However she will get a good chance to treat the patient having such diseases in the near future.