14 September 2013

Pooja Umasankar talks about her life


Pooja Umasankar is not a strange actress to the people in our country because she has already involved in few characters. Many people have gathered around her because of her acting ability.These days she has come to our country because of a special reason.Her latest film directed by Hollywood film director, Balaji  K. Kumar, will be available in near future.Still the day is not mentioned. Pooja said that she was not be invited to involve a satisfied character in a film. These days she is staying in our country because of a arms giving campaign regarding her grand mother passed away before one year.In the same time she has to participate for an interview which is regarding a Derana film award Festival. Kusa Paba film is also nominated for a award of this film festival. She believed that Kusa Paba is a turning point of her life.She said she has met few friend including Nirosha Perera, Upeksha Swarnamali (Paba), Umali. She said got good opportunity to work with clever actors like Channa, Roshan, Jackson.She said that she had to face the language problem at the beginning of acting. But how ever she was clever enough to manage every thing.Her life target is to spend the life freely.She further said that she is waiting for a good one for the marriage.