23 September 2013

Nirosha Virajini talks about her recent life

Nirosha Virajini is a famous songstress for many years because of her attractive voice. Her popularity has not change and she was clever enough to keep her songs with good condition. There are many gossips regarding her privet life. Nirosha has involved with few new songs, contributed  with few of experts. She said that ringing tones used the songs with simple word collection. These songs can not be kept the popularity for long time like the great song, Mage Punchi Rosa Male belonged to Amarasiri Peris. But huge income can be earned from simple song because many people are willing to use them as ringing tones.In order to earn huge income new singers are used to sing songs belonged to experts.But She also had involved with singing a songs belonged to Malani Bulathsinhala.She said that she had never earned  from that song.She said that she will never angry with any one who will sing her song again.