19 September 2013

Nayana Kumari talks about the beauty

Nayana kumari is a clever actress.These days she has involved three teledrama.She has very busy work schedule because of her beauty saloon.She is very busy these days with few of bridal dressing.She stated that most of the ladies are beautiful.She believes that external treatments can be made any one beautiful temporarily. But the heart must be very healthy. Every person should keep the mind and the heart freely. It makes any one beautiful. It is difficult to protect our mind well. It is difficult to keep the heart beautiful with external treatments.There fore the important thing is to make out mind and heart beautiful.It is useless to consider about our external appearance. Her advise is to be beautiful is drinking water as much as possible.She said vegetable and fruits are very important to make our body healthy. Many of ladies can not keeping their appearance well because of their mouth.If any one can control and limit their foods that may be the secret behind the beauty.