08 September 2013

Chathurika talks about her life

Nothing related to the life ,can be controlled by us.Every thing will be happened according to the nature.All the incident of our life are good lessons to make our life strong.

Gossips regarding Chathurika Peris are daily increased because Chathurika Peris is a very famous and attractive acctess among the others.She had to take a break because she was busy with various things of her family.She has involved with Hiru Thaniwela Teledrama and she will be involved with a shooting of a other teledrama in the near future.She said she has nothing to say regarding the rumors spread these days regarding her because all of the things are related to her privet life.She said that the life is fine,fantastic .Although She is not satisfied with two decisions of her life she tries to spend the life well.But she said that she will never     regret about those decisions because the results of all of the decision make the life strong.She believes all of them are good lessons for fulfilling  her life.These are the things that will never learn even at the school.But she is not willing to say about the her previous lover Roshan Pilapitiya.She believes that no one can control the reality of the life.