02 September 2013

A conversation with Kanchana Mendis

It is not a secret that Kanchana Mendis is a clever actress,She started her acting carrier with Subha Anagathayak Teledrama. She believed this is her time period of the life.She is willing to thank every one loving her.Her journey on this field was not fast.She become cleverer and cleverer with the time.She was the best actress after involving the teledrama for long period.

She believes that she any one has to stay for longer in order to obtain the valuable things.Many people says that her daughter looks like her.She is still willing to act the girl friend characters.She is not going to leave from this field even after she got two babies.Her husband is also supporting her filed because she is a Clever actress.Although she thought to leave from this field she changed her idea because she was the best actress.