24 August 2013

Kapila Gamage talks about “Horu Hodayi”

Kapila Gamage is the latest countenance in stage play. He is the music director of “Horu Hodayi” directed by Ananda Athukorala. He has involved with this stage play because of the connection with Ananda athukorala’s Previous Drama “Denna Depolay”,”Vinoda Gedara”,”Appuhamila”  and few of educational drama. He satisfied with the good responds regarding his involvements. he  stated that he was very happy because of the evaluations and good responds of the experts like Rodney Warnakulasuriya. Many Popular characters have involved with this Stage play. His music career started in 1989 as a lead guitar player in Sonato music group. In the period from 1992 to 1995 they held three musical shows named "Sonato Gee Rawaya".