22 July 2013

I don't like to live together before the marriage - Ruwangi Rathnayaka

Ruwangi Ratnayaka is a famous actress. She is young and beautiful who can see in five TV channels at a same time now a day. She also won an award for her talented acting few days ago. She said that still she hasn’t a boyfriend and looking for a young man who can love her .She has fallen in love when she was in 18. At that time she has offered her love for two boys. There is a gossip about a relationship among Ruwangi and an actor. She said that relationship remained for a short period of time only. There are more gossips around her. But she refuses all of them. She said she didn’t like to the living together life before marriage.Though Ruwangi is a Buddhist she trusts Gods she said that she goes to Hindu temple to beg for pleasure and consolation.