27 June 2013

Why are people so brainless..?.Paba

Paba said about a her  relationship with a person and her.He is one of her  relatives although it is not a close relation.She has not met him for long time. Once he asked for a assistance from her in order to find a job to one of  his friends Long time ago.There for she had helped him at that situation.But this person used a letter which was issued that time, on bad way. Finally she understood the real story  after receiving a telephone call from a the police.

At that time she had clearly stated to take the legal action after proving him as the offender. she informed about his resident to the police the in order to take  the legal action against him.
She says that  she respects to the  lex terrae. Upeksha  further stated that she would not be late to take an action even for the parents if they had done wrong things.Finally she requested from the people to inform about the persons with anomalies.