30 June 2013

Life threats to Dilka

Derana 360 program is a very popular program conducted by Dilka Samanmali .Because of her questioning she has even  some death threats.With prosecution to the the politicians in this program she has to face lot of threats after she conducted the program.Recently she has conducted a program with a Buddhist monk. After that program she has to face many life threats.Therefore she  has to get the legal action regarding the matters although she didn't like to tell about those actions.

She said that she asked every questions from the thero with evidances.In this program that monk was very helpless .However  if any one watch this program with very reasonable manner no one will critize this program and her talented questioning.when Once she asked from a polititian whether he had an idea to get marry, she was embarrassed.He meant   that he has an idea about her.However finally she was clever to manage and continue that conversation.Her husband is always supporting her works although he is also has a busy work shedule. How ever she is ready to leave from media and every programs when she want to get rest for her family life.