25 June 2013

I don't care about the rumours-Piyumi Botheju

Recently Piyumi Botheju is not much appeared on the teledrama. Many people talked about her because her appearances also have been changed. But she is Silent because she said she is having rest time period after the foreign tour. Now she is preparing for few works which she is going to involve on next month. A lot of people are under the fault impression that the popular characters should only engage in their field. But not in other aesthetic activities that may make any actress a peaceful character when she enter in to the society.

It is true that certain percentage of people believe that a sense of competition in actress should be encouraged in order to make them useful and creative actress. However she believe that corporation is more important than that the competition. However she believes that healthy competition and corporation are integral part of once their development.However many people believe that there would be a destruction in this field in near future because of bad behavior of many actors and actress who are involved the recent teledrama.