14 May 2013

Nirosha Perera's answer about her life

Nirosha perera is good hearted character among the actress and other artist. She is a clever announcer as well as a talented actress. She has more additional abilities about various fields. She was being very popular with the TV program Nirosai Irosai. Recently she is mainly involved with the Hiru TV program, Nirosha and Stars which is latest and different program.


She said that this program is the first TV program which was considering about the announcer of the program. This is not like a traditional program. In this program the invited person is visiting Nirosha’s place. She further stated that this program is opened even for the children. The recent film, she involved will be come in due course. Within a matter of few days it is possible to appear many characters as actresses. But it is difficult to find person talented various field like Nirosha Perera. She said that she was not much worry about her marriage