02 May 2013

Frenetic lover killed his girl friend

Many exciting  incident are taking  place through out  the year in the country. Major part of this sad incident took place few years ago. A lover  had to forget the dream with  two years love .Therefor the lover who was fallen of love  has started to hate to the girl  because she rejected him every time. However this person have tried many times to get closer and make the affair as previous. But after he realize that she will never agree to start the affair as previous he decided to kill her. He was not kind enough to change his mind. Finally Last 29th of this month  he has killed his loving girl friend using a knife and tried to kill himself although that second effort was not success because the neighbors are noticed the incident  However he has admitted to the hospital after he was relief from  death.There were no any other enemy for her life other than her boyfriend. Finally this boy friend was the most dangerous enemy to her.However if this girl felt  a sense of insecurity because of this love affair, this life could have protected.