02 May 2013

Anusha Damayanthi talks about her life

Ausha Damayanthi is a popular actress, trying to get through with her effort .She has involved number of teledrama. So that she had very busy work schedule as some actress are under the pressure during their working hours.Many rumors have it that she is going to marry in due course. But Anusha Damayanthi had stated a diametrically opposite story. She has said that she had to give up all regarding her marriage because of a horoscope problem although that well known person was a good character.Now she believes she has to stay long period for her marriage. She believes that marriage is not depended on either money or other property. It’s only depended on happiness. She further stated that after the marriage everyone should manage to live happily though all the barriers without thinking about the divorce as many popular characters have practiced these days.