06 May 2013

A Conversation with Gayathri Rajapaksha

It is difficult to keep the image and publicity for long time period to any artist because of the various kinds of challenges in this field. Only few people can keep it for longer with their talents. Gayathri Rajapaksha is an actress who is clever enough to be the same position for long duration in this field. She engaged with this field since 2005 .Even now she is one of famous actress in the country. First she involved with Wasuda Tele drama. Every time she has involved with the innocent character of the tele drama although she has got many various kind of characters. She had never studied anything regarding the acting though she is a qualified actress. She is going to marry this year with her boy friend who is working abroad. She is willing to continue the acting on tele drama even after the marriage because her boy friend is not force her to stop. She believed that there is no any bad influence of acting to the marriage life if it is doing with better awakening manner.