13 May 2013

A Conversation with Gayan wikramathilaka

There is a rumor that Chathurika Peiris and Gayan Wickramathilaka has a secret love affair and many websites has published photos of them together. But both of them have rejected these rumors. However Chaturika has given up the affair with Roshan Pilapitiya although they have engaged. Gayan is a married and he has two sons and now he is also going to divorce with her wife because of the story regarding Chathurika Peris. But these two incidents are consistent with each other showing the secret affair.


However Gayan is willing to feed his two sons. Gayan stated that some of gossip web sites and Medias are trying to destroy his character. Therefore   he criticizes such things with his displeasure.Chathurika Peiris and Roshan Pilapitiya has engaged in 2009 although their wedding was not taken because of  Horoscope problem .Both of them stated to media there is no proper time for marriage until 2011. However Gayan Wickramathilaka is not stated about his future plans regarding this matter.