04 April 2013

A helpless maid servant

Indrani Kumari, a Sri Lankan woman who has gone to Saudi Arabia as a house maid before four months. He has gone for this job to overcome their poverty. Her husband is a farmer and he lives in Matale, Sri Lanka with their two children. In Saudi Indrani has faced to very cruel experiences. Her Husband said that the lady, who owned the house in Saudi where Indrani was working, was selling Indrani to men. Indrani’s husband has complained to the Bureau of foreign employment in Sri Lanka. Then he found that the agency which provided that employment to Indrani is illegal one. The agency of Saudi asked for 400,000 rupees to release Indrani to Sri Lanka. But her poor husband is unable to find that amount of money. So he pleaded for help from the responsible authorities in Sri Lanka. According to Bureau of foreign employment in Sri Lanka 9925 complains about ill-treated Sri Lankan housemaids in foreign countries has reported in 2012.