04 April 2013

A Conversation with Semini Iddamalgoda

These days many gossips related to popular actress, Semini Iddamalgoda and Damitha Abeyrathe can be found because Semini has filed a case against actress Damitha at the Colombo District Courts.
The complainant has mentioned that Damitha had made unsuited comments against her during an interview on FM Radio Channel on Jan. 16, 2013. It further includes that the comments made by Damitha have caused great harm to Semini’s acting career.
Semini is a very famous Actress in Sri Lanka and she was very famous with her talented acting in many teledramas like "Yes Boss" Tele Drama. She has acted few of films including film “Sudu Hansi" which was acted nearly.  Recently she has involved with “Sinahawa atharin” Tele drama. She said that when she was accepting a role, she was considering the quality of the role.