04 April 2013

A Conversation with Maheshi Madusanka

Maheshi Madushanka is a famous beautiful young Sri Lankan actress. She is 20 years old now and she is only child in her family. Her hometown is Kandy. She has acted in the Tele drama, “Muthu Warusa”, the film, “Jeewithaya Lassanai” and she is acting in the Tele drama “Chaya” in these days. The small chat with Maheshi has given below.


Maheshi , was the acting your future ambition?
No, my ambition was to be an air hostess. 
It is a desire of many girls isn’t it? Why did you like to fly? 
I liked to dressing pattern of air hostess in Sri Lankan airlines. 
What were there in your horoscope?
there was that I will become famous one day. 
How is your knowledge about Art? 
Talent is important than the Knowledge. Many people may have many hidden skills but they cannot get an opportunity to identify them. Actually, Art is not a suitable job to earn money.
Why does it cannot turn as a job? 
There creates various characters time to time in fields such as Tele Drama. Another thing is we cannot act every day.
Could you get the help of seniors at your start?
Answer: I could get many advices and good support from all the seniors who have contributed to the film” Jeewithaya Lassanai”
 What is your idea about acting?
 I think that getting love of people is a fortune. I’m glad about my fortune to be an actress.
 Don’t you act to live?
I’m very lucky as an only child in my family my parents have built a good economic stability for me. I appreciate doing something good from acting than the money.
At first time did you act well?
At first time I have to act as a girl who is selling flowers for “Kiri Vehera” in the Tele drama “Muthu Varusa”. I became a friend of real flower sellers near “Kiri vehera” and act as they do. That seen was taken for three times. I cannot forget the support of the Tele drama group for my work.
Did your parents agree to their only child going out from the house to act?
My mother and Grandmother gave a little support. But relations of my father did not agree before. But now they give their support well.
What is your idea about Tele dramas in Sri Lanka?
Actually there are good creations.
 Have you ever thought to act such kind of a character? What is that?
Answer: I like to actress, Malani Fonseka forever. I like her acting in the film,” Nidhanaya” very well and I also like to her acting in songs. No one has her shape.
What is your memorable acting in a song of Malani?
 “Adare hithenawa dakkama dewagana wage lassanai………………
Didn’t you find lover yet?
no. I’m only 20 years old yet.
do you like to listen to songs?
yes as everyone likes
what are the songs you like these days?
I like to the Surendra’s “Heenayak wage… “ Bachi Susan’s “Nihanda gamana…..” And the songs of Shakira and Jenifer Lopez
What type of character you are?
like to be modest.
What are the imitations of your character?
I get angry sometimes.
What are the things that make anger?
sometimes bogus gossips make me angry. But I appreciate patience and like to live peacefully with all. I don’t like to make mistakes in my life.
Your friends compare you with Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif. What do you think about that?
Answer: I like to all the dances of Katrina. I also Like to Aishwarya and Karina Kapur . I watch their films.
What are your other Tele dramas Telecast these days excepting “ Chaya”?
“Pipena mal” of Wasantha Wallawaya which is telecasting in Derana.
Who are your friends  in the field?
There are many friends such as Ayomi, Paboda, Sujani, Roshan and Vishva Kodikara