04 April 2013

A Conversation with Kithsiri Jayasekara

Kithsiri Jayasekara   is a very famous character in the Country. He is Dayasiri Jayasekara’s elder brother. He went to Canada because of Upeka's higher studies. He is also willing to study new tendencies of music while he is living there. After considering all those he decided to leave the country.
He believes that living in Canada has more freedom than Sri Lanka. Proper Education and other facilities in Canada are admired by him. He mentioned about Upeka’s displeasure regarding the University educational System in Sri Lanka. He said many valuable human resources belonged   to Sri lanka are living in there. He has mentioned about lighting upon Politics as his brother, Dayasiri Jayasekara.  Because Dayasiri is also having displeasure about the Politics he will never light upon politics. But he said that there will be a possibility to be here with politics under a good leader one day.