21 April 2013

A Conversation with Kasun Kalhara

Malani bulathsinhala was very famous   songstress even these days. Unfortunately she has passed away few years ago.She has sung many song which are still very popular in the Recently Nirosha Virajini has sung the song, “Himi nathi pemakata iki bidi waradata sitha mage bolada wela” which was sung by Malani Bulathsinhala.  Song is with latest trend and is now published on You Tube. Therefore many people are criticizing this song because the first song was very popular.

Malani's son Kasun Kalhara is also not agreeing with this song sung by Nirosha Virajini. Kasun said that although the song is belonged to the writer, there could notice to the Malani's family about the new song before publishing it on you tube. However Kasun Kalhara is also agree that the song is not legally belonged to the singer. However this reconstruction is criticized by many of art appreciators in the country because they love the song sung by Malani Bulathsinhala.