16 December 2013

I have a good attraction- Geetha

Geetha Kumarasinghe said that she didn't involve to the politics in order to earn money. She is willing to give a good service to the people for their problems. Therefor she further stated that she is going to contest for the position of chief minister of the southern province. She said she had never earned money with the politics. There for she believes she can get the victory from upcoming election. Further she said that there is a huge attraction to her because she is a lady.

The behaviour of the best teacher of the year

A school teacher was taken in to custody after the harassment of 12 years school children. The lady teacher is a mother having 6 years old kid. In addition to that she was nominated as the best teacher of the year. She said that she has done everything with this young child in order to make well his studies because the child is not interested with the studies. Her plain was to turn him to better path. She invited him to her house for the extra tuition lessons. But child's mother had observed the changes of her own child and the conversation was recorded in order to find the truth behind this story. Finally the teacher was remanded after the complaint of the child’s mother in this regard. However the teacher has accepted everything she has done.

09 December 2013

Wonderful friendship between Nayana and Gayathri

Nayana Kumari and Gayathri Dias are experienced characters in the field. They have been engaged with the field for same time period .These two actresses are very close with each others.Their     friendship is very fantastic because one of them can't be alone even for a day. Every day they talk with each others.Every actress are considering about their foods. Nayana Kumari is always controlling Gayathri's food because of their unbelievable friendship.

20 November 2013

Prohibiting Muthu Palasa Teledrama

There are many comments against Muthupalasa Teledrama.Many directors believes that it makes bad image about the industry. Muthu palasa is based on a young girl who is from a village and coming with an idea to be an actress.But her life is caught by a some crafty directors.How ever director of this teledrama stated an different idea. He said taht he couldn't understand the exact reasons behind the critisizing because this tele drama discuss about the black and white characters of the society.These type of stories are common in the society.

09 October 2013

Prince Udaya Priyantha reveals about his past love affair with Nirosha Virajini

Many gossip regarding Nirosha Virajini are spreading as a conflagration because of her popularity. How ever her songs has a ability of tractable any one. In this mean while it was revealed about an another relationship. Prince Udaya Priyantha said there was a love affair with Nirosha Viragini although it was not end with a marraige as they expected.